A Prayer for Healing and Wholeness.

"Experience the healing power of prayer for physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness. Find comfort and restoration with A Prayer for Healing and Wholeness."

Jun 2, 2023 - 14:41
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A Prayer for Healing and Wholeness.
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Dear God. 

I come before you today with a heart that needs healing and wholeness. Help me to experience your healing touch in a way that brings about wholeness in every area of my life. In a world that can often be broken and fragmented, I pray that you would restore my body, mind and spirit.

Lord, I ask that you heal the physical ailments that I am facing. Help me take the necessary steps to care for my physical body to enjoy optimal health and vitality. May you mend the brokenness in my body and bring about total health and wellness.

Heavenly Father, I pray for healing in my mind and emotions. Help me to find peace and rest in you and to release any anxiety or fear that may be hindering my emotional well-being. May you mend the brokenness in my heart and bring about emotional wholeness.

Lord, I ask that you bring healing to my relationships. Help me to extend forgiveness and grace to those who have wronged me and to seek reconciliation where there has been conflict. May you mend any brokenness or hurt that exists between me and others.

Dear God, I pray for healing from addictions and destructive habits. Help me to develop healthy habits and to make choices that honor you and contribute to my overall well-being. May you break the bonds of addiction and lead me toward freedom and wholeness.

Lord, I ask for healing in my spiritual life. Help me to draw closer to you each day and to deepen my understanding of your love and grace. May you restore the depth of my relationship with you and bring a renewed sense of purpose and meaning to my life.

Heavenly Father, I pray for healing in the lives of those around me. Help us extend compassion and care to those struggling and seek opportunities to bring healing and wholeness to others. May you bring comfort to those who are hurting and peace to those who are anxious or afraid.

Dear God, as I pray for healing and wholeness today, I ask that you give me the strength and courage to persevere. Help me to cling to your promises and to trust in your faithfulness. May I never give up hope, even amid difficulty or pain.

Lord, thank you for the healing and wholeness you have brought into my life. May I never forget all you have done for me, and may I always give you the glory for every good thing in my life. 


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